Brittany Tarufelli, Ph.D.


Brittany Tarufelli is an applied microeconomist studying relationships between public policy, energy markets, and the environment. Her research evaluates the ongoing transition to clean energy, focusing on interactions between sub-global environmental policies and energy market designs.

As a PhD candidate, Brittany served in the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Brittany holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Wyoming, an MS in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and a BS in Financial Analysis from the University of Louisiana.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Brittany worked at "Big 4" accounting firms as a strategy and management consultant in four nations.

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Ph.D., Economics, University of Wyoming

M.S., Business Economics, University of Amsterdam

B.S., Financial Analysis, University of Louisiana, Shreveport

Sustainable Energy

Research Interests

Energy economics

Environmental and natural resource economics

Market design

Industrial organization

Applied microeconomics


Current Research

Published and Working Papers

“The Potential Impact of the U.S. Carbon Capture and Storage Tax Credit Expansion on the Economic Feasibility of Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage”

“Leakage in Regional Climate Policy? Implications of Market Design”

“Strategic Behavior and Market Design in Regional Climate Policy”

“Electricity Market Restructuring and Retail Rates”

“Overlooked Opportunity: Incentivizing Carbon Capture through Carbon Tax Revenues”

“Foundations for an Intelligent Energy Future: Demand Response Potential in Louisiana”



Brittany Tarufelli

Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University

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